July 4, 2002
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Last updated on: 3/3/2009
   Mary, Danny & I spent the 4th moving between 3 differant gatherings. The first was at Lauren's appartment where Andrew was bb-queing some chicken. We spent 2 or 3 hours there, drinking a few brews. The second was at Karens, where Karen was bb-queing some sausage, burgers and a slab of fish. There were a dozen or so friends over and the kids had a nice time playing with water. Along with the burgers, Karen had potato salad, baked beans, salad and some excellent homemade ice cream.  The third was at Zea's Resturant where we met up with Jessica and friends around 4. It was a pretty warm day and we cut the evening short because of the heat. I only have a few pictures, and I totally forgot about taking any at Karens. Screwed up again. I may get a few more to add later. I've also added a few photo's that take place the next couple of days. It was kinda a party that didn't want to end.
Mary, Lauren & Jessica
Mary, Lauren, Jessica & Andrew
Lauren & Jessica
Danny, Mary, Eddie & Jessica
Dwayne, Jessica, ??
Dwayne, Jessica, John. ?
Julia, Karen, Wade & Luke
Luke, Mary & Danny
Lauren & Andrew
Mary, Eddie, Jessica, & Lauren
Mary & Eddie
Jessica & Lauren
Luke, Mary & Danny
Karen, ?, Jessica, Mary, Danny & Jimmy James
Luke, Jessica, Karen, Mary, Danny & ?
?, Luke, Jessica, Danny & Mary