Mother's Day 2002
Steamboat Warehouse
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Last updated on: 3/3/2009
    Mother's Day 2002 found about 20 of us at the Steamboat Warehouse in Washington, Louisiana. The Steamboat Warehouse is a 150ish year old building on the banks of Bayou Courtableau in Washington. In its history, the Warehouse has been alot of things, but nowdays is a very fine Cajun Restaurant. For those who haven't been you need to give it a try. They have a website you can check out (Steamboat Warehouse). Well on to Mothers Day. We took about 50 pictures. I'll pick out the better ones and post them here. Other than being a very long day, we had a nice chance to visit and the food and service (Crystal & helpers) was good.
Cindy, Susie, Mom & Dad
Larry Sr, Jr, Chris
Robin & Whitney
Carolyn, Helen, Elder, Ruth, Bonnie, Madison & Bird
Carolyn, Helen, Elder & Ruth
Yvonne, Nanette & Scott
Mary & Danny
Marguerite, Gussie, Madison & Yvonne
Marguerite, & Carolyn
Mary & Marguerite
Bird, Elder & Larry
Larry, Gussie, Elder, Bird & Whitney
Robin & Helen
Madison & Bonnie
Gussie, Ruth, Elder & Madison
Madison, Brandi & Chris
Chris, Bonnie, Bird & Helen
Nanette, Scott, Larry, Gussie, Ruth & Elder
Larry & Marguerite
Cindy & Susie
Carolyn & Whitney
Robin & Carolyn
Robin, Carolyn & Whitney
Bonnie, Bird, Helen & Robin
Dad, Mom, Larry, Cindy & Susie
Whitney, Christal & Larry
Brandi, Christal & Chris