Mothers Day
   Here lately on Mothers Day A group of us get together at the Steamboat Warehouse in Washington La. and enjoy dinner. There's no advance reservations so you get there early, sit out by Bayou Courtableau and wait your turn. This year there were about 10 of us there. I took a few pictures.
Yvonne & Nannette
Gussie & Mom
Gussie, Cindy, Mom, Elder
Sheila, Yvonne & Nannette
Scott, Cindy, Sheila & Elder
Gussie, Mom & Dad

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Last updated: 3/3/2009
Yvonne & Nanette
Gussie & Marguerite
Gussie, Cindy, Marguerite, Elder
Sheila, Yvonne & Nanette
Scott, Gussie, Cindy, Marguerite, Elder
Cindy & Yvonne
Gussie, Mom & Dad