New Years Eve
    Sitting around the local watering hole in the not to distant past, Mary came out with something like "I think I want to have a New Years Eve party at the house this years". That was followed shortly with a gagging "what" from the next stool. A couple bottles of Beringer later, a plan was in the rough draft stage. The result of that plan was a gathering of friends and relatives and at least, your's truely, had a great time. I didn't take many pictures, but I think I got at least one shot of all that were there. *NOTE* Don't be confused by the Susans. There were at least 4 of them, not to mention a pair of Danny & Marys.
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Last updated on: 3/3/2009
Cathy, Bill & Melissa, Mark & Susan
Mark, Marguerite & Larry Sr, Cathy, Melissa
Danny, Bill, Mary
Sheila & Jan
Christine & Randy
Larry Sr, (little) Mary, Cathy, Sheila
Rose, Melanie, Chris, Mary, Melissa
Chris, Melanie, Mary
Melissa, Rose, Susan
Ryan, Brian, Josh
Marguerite, Burt & Carolyn, Larry Sr
Leslie, Emily, Jessica
Mark, Tom & Susan, Cathy
Karen, Mary, Carol
Carol, Larry Jr, Susan
Amy, Danny
Becka, Virginia, Amy
Susy, Susan, Lewis. Mary, Sue
Tom, Joe & Vivian
Ike, Bill
Nanette, Susan, Mark
Bob, Sue, Cindy, Melissa, Emily
Carol, Mark
Danny, Ike & Sue, Brian
Bill, Mark & Susan
Susan & Melissa
Danny & Josh
Susie #5 sent this photo of her from Shreveport